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Dental Sealant Day

*See attached flyer for more information and Spanish translation.
Dental Sealant Day is coming to your school with the Tampa Family Health Center dental bus and would like to give your 2nd grade child the opportunity for a dental check-up ,sealants and fluoride FREE of charge. Your child will also receive a dental “goodie bag “for participating! Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of back molars to help prevent cavities. The procedure is safe, quick and painless! All children are eligible to participate regardless of insurance. If you have not completed a permission form provided by your child’s teacher, it is not too late. Ask your child’s teacher for the form and please fill it out completely. This includes birth date, address and signature of parent or guardian.

Thank you for your participation.

Carol Scheff RDH,BSNS
Director of Dental Operations